Trondheim Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

A Presentation of TSFFF


In 1986 a few visionary students of NTH (now NTNU) - the Norwegian University of Technology in Trondheim - decided to form an interest group dedicated to Science Fiction. This led to the Trondheim Science Fiction Society: TSFF.
Activitites encompassed films, seminars, fanzines, social gatherings, auctions and TronCon – the Trondheim Science Fiction Convention.

Alas, a society based on students from all over Norway - where a large part is bound for other locations/work whence studies are finished - is destined to loose members regularly. The following lack of stability wasn’t healthy and in the 90’s, activities became more sporadic, with more dislocated events and gatherings among the remaining members. Also, with a decade of little focus on Science Fiction in Norwegian media in general, recruiting fresh blood became more difficult.


In 2003, several of the remaining members living in Trondheim, decided to reform the society, marking the transition with an extension to the group interest involving Fantasy, a closely related genre, consequently changing the name to The Trondheim Science Fiction & Fantasy Society (TSFFF).

Activities have mainly remained the same with the exception of making monthly readings and discussion groups the core activity, The Trondheim Science Fiction and Fantasy Society is still tied to, and conveniently located nearby, the largest technical university in Norway, NTNU. Several of the members also have their Master degrees from that institution. However, TSFFF relies mainly on recruiting a stable core of members residing in the Trondheim area.

20th Year anniversary

With a history from 1986 to 2006, TSFFF is one of the oldest societies dedicated to science fiction and fantasy films and literature in Norway, and with the 20th anniversary coming up, it was decided to celebrate the event by honouring a chosen author of the genre with the first ever honorary award and lifelong membership.

The Honorary Membership Award

With humble admiration the TSFFF society unanimously decided on presenting this award to an author who was publishing groundbreaking theories of science and classics of Science Fiction literature already before the birth of todays members of TSFFF; Sir Arthur C. Clarke.


TSFFF is a politically indedependent and non-religious and non-commercial society.

Personal comments within these pages are strictly personal and does in no way represent authors, publishers or related parties.


The TSFFF web pages are currently in Norwegian only. Steps are being taken to offer some of the information in english.


For further contact or information, please send an email to postmaster at tsfff dot no